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"If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door."  – Milton Berle

Are you giving your potential customers a chance to knock at your door?

Hi, my name is Elena Misuraca

and I am a Business Developer.

I create sales paths and new contact networks that will increase your company’s visibility and turnover – a sustainable strategy that will take
your company to the top.

  • I am the link you’re missing between marketing and sales.
    Elena Misuraca . Business Developer
My multi-year experience within the industrial arena has given me a unique insight into how to successfully develop the business strategies of companies all over the world.

Learning, listening and understanding the needs of the buyer will help me create a blueprint that will drive the commercial dynamic of your company, delivering a more significant ROI.
L'importanza del

Business Development

Business development begins with content – the driving force behind customer attraction, retention and brand loyalty.
However, the energy for future business growth comes from mapping new leads and tracking results to identify new opportunities to widen your market reach.
At the heart of everything is your customer. By helping you make them your central focus, we will enhance your company’s values, so they revolve around the wants and needs of your customers.
It is this cycle of content – tracking results – and customer focus that will ensure the future growth of your business.


Strengthen your presence with
my Business Development service

Working together, we will give strength to your business through:

Analyzing your current situation and planning new action strategies according to your ambitions, to increase your competitive advantage.



Building and developing new sales opportunities and new sales cycles with existing clients. Expanding into new segments or national and international markets, utilizing effective research and scouting channels.

RReinforcing the cohesion and interaction of sales and marketing departments to achieve better lead profiling and account management.



Creating a dedicated marketing department in your company either in-house or outsourced to Word Evolution.


Improving the image, presence and communication in the eyes of international customers, paying attention to intercultural variables.

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Your business first

Online and offline Marketing

While marketing and sales go hand in hand (you can’t have one without the other), your success starts with knowing the buyer – your customer.
Digital tools and channels have transformed the way people choose to buy. They are now researchers and will scan the market before buying, meaning the fate of your marketing campaign lies in the hands of the buyer.
That’s why maintaining customer focus is critical, which means designing your marketing around your customers’ needs and interests using a blend of intuition, common sense and customer data.


Maintain Customer focus with
my Online and Offline Marketing service

Working together, we will strengthen your marketing campaigns by:


Creating a good first impression by improving or creating company profiles and presentations, enhancing the added value you can give to the customer.


Giving one of your most important assets – your website – the value it needs to become a point of reference for your clients.


Making sure your online pages attract potential customers.


Optimizing lead generation through various strategies, such as social selling.


CCurating the creation and dissemination of tailored content that converts prospects into clients and nurtures existing clients.


Selecting the most suitable events to increase your visibility and encourage new relationships.

Looking for a Business Developer for your company?

Turn your ideas into reality

I help you achieve your goals…





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Looking for a Business Developer for your company?

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